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The online educational community Idean is creating a new higher education tool using the possibilities offered by the technological developments of the 4th industrial revolution, which completely changes the philosophy of education. From now on, the learner (undergraduate and especially postgraduate students) does not receive a common/identical education with all his/her peers, and it is left to his/her post-educational, working life to obtain the specialization that makes him/her unique, but already from his/her academic life he/she can receive a personalized education tailored to his/her specific needs. This model of education, which now has the computer tools to develop and support it, can eliminate the gap between university education and the labour market, increase the efficiency of university education, update the academic content of the educational process much more rapidly in relation to research developments in each field, and finally, rapidly modernise educational methodologies, also in line with developments in the field.

Project value

This project (as a result of its planning to develop a product that is in its final form internationally competitive) leads to the creation of the largest, coherent and comprehensive database of scientifically documented data on the whole spectrum of Neurosciences worldwide. In its primary form that is, the platform houses a "Wikipedia of Neurosciences" with the difference that:

(a) its authors are potentially not just anyone (as is the case with Wikipedia) but only scientists specialized in the very specific topic they have been asked to contribute to, and

(b) all entries are pre-designed by the core group of academics, and therefore have a consistency between them both thematically and in terms of promoting the educational process.

Furthermore, as a result of the platform's development and promotion methodology, a broad, international network of neuroscientists is created who promote their work indirectly through the platform's educational process.

Achievement of objectives

A key tool for achieving the objectives of the Idean Cluster is the effective synergy between the core academic team, the institutions with publishing/educational expertise, the platform development team and the web multimedia development team, so that the academic work produced is appropriately formatted and transformed for its educational purposes in a web platform environment. For this purpose, the platform development team has installed a second platform, which operates in the background of the first one, and allows the coordination of the work of the different teams and the efficient receipt and processing (input) next team of the product of the work of the previous team (output). Finally, within the background platform, the coordination team can control the whole process of product development and in collaboration with the marketing team determines the strategy of promotion/ promotion of the product in relation to the product.

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